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First Series

Title- Dorm Days
Chapter- Part 1
Author- Serfent13
Genre- Furry
Rating- PG-13

Part 1Collapse )
So Im back on Lj for various reasons after a short break. Im looking to extend my F-list to include rich and interesting characters. If you fit he bill and want to hear my rantings then please check me out and add me, Ill add back... probably ;)

Why hallo thar

Name: Jaelen
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Species: Raccoon
About me: Well I'm currently a student at an Art and design college in England. I do a range of things from photography, to graphics, web design, animation, etc. I'm pretty shy in real life, though less so online. I do some drawing on rare occasions, though I'm not that great (in my opinion anyway). I've been in the furry fandom for about a year, though I did sorta leave it for a few months a while back due to some unfortunate happenings and such.

hiya there

Name- James
Species- Arctic Fox
Gender- male
DOB- June 27th
Age- 15
Location- Cranston, Rhode Island, USA
My Life: I write poetry and stories and... other stuff. My journal centers around my writing but I do take some time to just talk or do the Writer's Block questions. I update my journal regularly. I'm working on a furry story presently but I don't have much time to focus on that so it's been taking a while. Other than that I go to Cranston High School East and work at McDonalds in Swansea, Mass.
Orientation- gay
martial status- single
other- i love music. Talking about various things. Just like to hang out. :D
Name: Rain Oubliette
Species: House cat
Gender: Female (the name is a bit vague so I listed this)
D.O.B.: September 9th
Age: Older than dirt (AKA "Gray Muzzle" = over 30)
Location: Pennsylvania, USA
Occupation: I am a Medical Laboratory Technician. This is a fancy term for a person who draws people's blood and does tests on it to see why they are ill. It's sort of like forensics but we deal with living people, not the dead ones. (I do post a bit about my job in my journal, so if you're squeamish, be aware of that.)
Orientation: Straight; however I have friends of all types and love each one.
Relationship: Single... but ok with it.
Pets: One domineering cat, Her Royal Majesty, the Queen Cockleburr, the World's Grouchiest Cat. More behind the cutCollapse )

hello all!

 Make_your_own_dA_ID_by_DoruDragonco.jpg picture by RensisPoop

I have an art journal over
here that features Free Art Days! Feel free to add it!

Ello! First Post XD


I'll start off with a post I suppose! 

My name is Camarillo. I'm a that ^
I'm the moderator for this group and love meeting new people! I like to consider myself open, outgoing, eccentric, yadda yadda. I love making new  friends, meeting new people, and drawing. Also, if you like art thingies, I do a lot of free art every once in a while (not trying to entice you into friending me or anything *wink wink, nudge nudge*). I'm going to keep it short though simply because I'm really lazy tired and need to take a nap... So friend me and I promise I'll try to keep up the comments and be interesting ^_~

Welcome to addmefurry!

This community is very similar to communities such as add_me, newfriends, and addme_21andover, but this community is reserved for all you furries out there!

Ze Rules

1.) NO bashing. I see it or hear about it, you're out.
2.) Promoting other LJ communities is welcomed. However, if it's not furry related it will be removed. And also, this is not a site for advertising commissions...so don't.
3.) If it's a long post, please please please put it behind a cut. If you do make a loooong post without a cut you will be asked to put it behind one. If you don't, I'll deletes, simple as that. This goes for pictures as well. Put gianormous pictures behind a cut. Little ones are ok though :D

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or you can be super awesome and friend me! :D